Jealousy in dating

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To keep with the spider analogy: when you're bit by a poisonous creature, your body will react — a rash, a hive, other kinds of acute inflammation.

Experiences — particularly those involving travel — can make us feel transported, renewed, reborn, even.That's why it's especially hard to deal with those times in your relationship where your partner has an experience, interaction or trip that is transformative, and we aren't present.Tell your partner, "I'm so happy you had so much fun, but I felt kind of jealous that I was totally not apart of it." You may suggest doing a special activity or going on a trip together.8.Your partner treats his/her friend(s) with tremendous attention.I've had girlfriends tell me, "I have a ton of guy friends, and it always makes my boyfriend jealous." It's probably nothing for their boyfriends to worry about, but let's give the guys a break: it makes sense.

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