Java code for validating date

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If date is valid, no exception is thrown and is Valid is set to true in the next statement.It may be possible to validate date entirely using the regular expression without using Simple Date Format, but it will not be worth the effort.Let’s try to include some rules as well like month cannot be less than 1 and more than 12 and day cannot be less than 1 and more than 31.Here is the updated pattern pattern means any one of (a) 0 and any digit between 1 and 9 (b) 1 or 2 followed by any digit between 0 and 9 (c) 3 followed by either 0 or 1.Use below given regex patterns If you want to validate date using format different from yyyy-mm-dd.If above list does not include the format you want to validate, you can easily modify any of the above given regex to suit your needs.

Thus, we need to validate whether the user entered data is in a valid format or not and then we need to convert that into a format that can be easily inserted into the database. = null) [/code] The Parse Position is a simple class used by Format and its subclasses to keep track of the current position during parsing.

Basic date validation using regular expression is fairly easy.

We need to create a regular expression pattern according to the format we want to validate date against.

Assuming we want to validate date in yyyy-mm-dd format, we will need 4 digits followed by -, then 2 digits for month followed by – and then 2 digits for day.

So our pattern will be like It worked for the sample dates we provided.

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