Japan coin dating calendar dating fender amps chassis

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The traditional Japanese calendar consists of eras based on the reigning emperors.Identification: Unidentified Coins, Medals, and Tokens If you have a coin, medal, token, or note and don't know what it is, post it here. Discussions about selling, payment procedures, etc. This forum is for discussing actual workings and policies of these types of sites. Advertiser replies in topics must be to answer questions related to that topic only.Once identified, it will be moved to the appropriate forum for further discussion. For example, if you know it's an ancient coin but just don't know what exactly it is, put your topic in the ancient coin forum. Site supporter status, 50 posts, and Staff approval required. It is not for discussing coins that are listed on these sites. Coin Community Advertisers Only active paid Coin Community Advertisers may start topics here to share sales, promotions, etc. New sales/specials must be in a new topic and comply with the 7 day rule.ASE, Engelhard, Kookaburra, Koala For Sale: 1915 Australian Florin (London) AU55For Sale: Johnson And Matthey 100 Ounce Bar For Sale: Copper 1817 Large Cent N-7 Mouse Head Variety.For Sale: US Mint Pride Of Two Nations Two-coin Set At Cost (Shipping Etc.

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