Invalidating session in php

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Using generic php session methods to delete a particular session(by session id).I'm using PHP 7.1 and received the following warning when implementing Example #1, above: PHP message: PHP Warning: session_destroy(): Trying to destroy uninitialized session in...programming forums Java Mobile Certification Databases Caching Books Engineering Micro Controllers OS Languages Paradigms IDEs Build Tools Frameworks Application Servers Open Source This Site Careers Other all forums Hi there, I wanted to invalidate a session by using sessionid.Scenario is like that I want to login with one application through one userid and password. I need to invalidate the other session to login again right now from now machine. My query is that can i invalidate that other machine session by using this databse sessionid value.Enabling session.use_strict_mode is recommended for all sites.Warning Immediate session deletion may cause unwanted results.

So you don't have an open connection which is closed when the browser closes.

I have been looking at the pages of the banks and seems to works ok, so I suposse there will be a way to face this.

Maybe the ICEfaces developers could clarificate how to face this kind of stuff. The server will invalidate your session anyway after X minutes of inactivity.

which one of the above 3 script is more preferable? update : In order to kill the session altogether, like to log the user out, the session id must also be unset.

If a cookie is used to propagate the session id (default behavior), then the session cookie must be deleted.

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