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At first, I was getting dates here and there with random 5s and 6s. I completely missed the Tinder boat, but Ok C was sufficient for adding a couple new ones into the mix here and there, so I didn't see the need.

As time goes on, I get "player burnout." I'd started to get fat from eating out too much, drinking too much, and skipping the gym to meet some girl who'd bore me on my dime. At this point, my rolodex is pretty full, I prefer creeping in person, and my social circle game is on point.

Question for you gents out there, and looking for some feedback...

When I first started gaming, it was right before Tinder about 5 years ago.

Each video is less than 5 minutes and watching all overviews/tutorials will take only 15 minutes.

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Gradually, I completely dumped meeting girls online, because I can just as easily approach them in a taco joint.

Plus, given that I'm short, I found that online dating doesn't play to my strengths. It's easy, it's corny, and I find that the interface works well. I've literally gotten zero replies on either OKC or Tinder.

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