Internet dating aint just for douchebags

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Kink has become more acceptable in the last few years, and the kink community has grown accordingly. Kink clubs are opening in major metropolitan areas, and kinky online communities have grown to unbelievable sizes.

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Because of these problems, kinksters increasingly choose vanilla dating sites when seeking partners online. Tinder is marketed as a hook-up app, not as a tool for finding a long-term relationship.

At the time I’m writing this article (September of 2016) Collar Space is a popular option.

But there are a number of other options available; in fact, there are way too many kinky dating sites to include here. It includes:• The different places you can find kinksters online, and a description of each.• Our opinion on the best options.• Strategies to help you succeed on different kinds of sites Some of you may notice I didn’t include Fetlife on the list. It’s a social media site; like Facebook for kinky people.

Most of these sites let you search by common factors, such as location or age.

In addition, many let you search by kink-specific criteria, such as whether you’re looking for a dominant or submissive. You can often get an initial idea of your sexual and kink compatibility from just from looking at a potential partner’s profile.

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