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You might want to call your amygdala fear and bliss central.

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Sometimes my own moments merged with hers, as when I marveled at the calm that descended while nursing or felt a fatigue I could never before have imagined. I looked into practices of labor and delivery and armed myself with all manner of ideas and stuff.In it Walker calls dreaming “emotional first aid” and connects dreams with creativity. Aiden Josey, who can help you decipher your dreams–and learn how they can lead you to new insights about yourself and about the world.Take a look at the forthcoming workshop at my favorite bed and breakfast in New Jersey. Alden Josey will be leading an exploration that can deepen your understanding of your dreams.That said, there are some good reasons that famous authors of enduring literature (e.g., Shakespeare—“to sleep, perchance to dream” or a “Midsummer Night’s …Dream”)—have embraced the mysterious and emotional depths of dreaming.

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