How to write a profile for dating

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” In other words, you want to show how your personality traits and interests will make you a good partner. You can say “I am a very type A and organized person so I can take care of booking everything if we go on vacation”.Or “I am very blunt and honest so you don’t have to worry about me keeping secrets.” Focus on spinning your traits so that he can see how those traits will make you a good girlfriend to have around.There is someone out there for you that is going to love you unconditionally.In your dating profile, do not be afraid to put your best foot forward.Humour is something that can really shine through on the page and make your profile stand out.Everyone is funny in their own way and even really cheesy and over the top jokes work well with online profiles.Saying things like “I started as a temp and in three years become the General Manager” shows that you are committed and hard working. The only thing that would come across as arrogant or bragging is if you talk about money or if you compare yourself to others.

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So something like: “so if you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and are willing to be my travel buddy, shoot me a message!

Have you been in the dating game for a really long time? Make sure to keep this short so that you don’t come across as super picky and like you’re up on your high horse.

Just keep this list down to the essentials so that you can weed out some of the guys you absolutely would not want to date.

People who are in the dating scene are constantly being judged by others and it can get exhausting.

It is for this reason that you have to remind yourself that you ARE a catch.

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