House needs updating

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You can check if a structure meets the requirements by using the Housing Menu's top button, labeled with a question mark ("? NPCs generally retreat to their Houses at night and remain in them until dawn.

They will also retreat to their houses during a Solar Eclipse or Rain.

If it is not suitable, you can check the house requirements further down this page to see what the house may be lacking.

Once a house is determined to be suitable, you may assign an NPC to it by placing the corresponding NPC Flag in it.

The Guide will appear upon starting a new world, and if killed, he will require a House in order to respawn.

The Old Man, the Traveling Merchant, and the Skeleton Merchant do not require Houses.

A house must be fully enclosed with the following features: Including the frame (floor, side walls, and ceiling), a House must have at least 60 total tiles, but less than 750.

Even two identical houses sitting side by side will have different renovation costs, depending on the extent of the renovations, the quality of materials used, the quality of the contractor and labor, the level of finish desired, and how long the home renovation takes.This indicates that if the NPC currently inhabiting the home were to die, the replacement for that NPC would move into that specified home.Due to this, a golden NPC flag will not disappear unless the home it is in is destroyed or the NPC is reassigned.In the Old-gen console version, the housing menu can be opened by pressing to show/hide room flags.When you first meet the spawn conditions for an NPC, a random house will be assigned to them from your available empty suitable houses.

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