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There are so many erotic sex massage businesses in town it’s not funny.

99% of the massage shops will blow you in a private room either upstairs or out the back of the shop and the girls that work in the Hot Toc’s are simply stunning.

She looked like a model and went upstairs and took her kit off and rode for a few minutes before the job was over.

After it was over the small lady went and fetched some hot stones and gave the best massage and took her time and you will leave the Hot Toc venue feeling like a billion dollars.

It’s always good to get an average guide on the prices regulars pay and not get ripped off, however Vung Tau is pretty damn laid back and relaxing and the sort of scams that happen in the major cities do not often happen here.

With the Vung Tau hookers, they are generally very business orientated and might seem a bit colder than their neighbour countries counterparts so it’s best if you can build some rapport and guage how genuine she really wants to be barfined you from there.

Once you buy a few drinks for a lady you like and she passes your vetting, you will give the bar a small barfine payment and then you are both free to leave the bar and head out elsewhere or just go back to your hotel for some hot sex with a nubile 20 year old Vietnamese woman.

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At least not for a foreigner anyway that anyone has discovered.Hands down best experience in paying for sex has been in Vietnam in regards to quality of the women’s looks from the bars.She then popped the question ‘Mr Single Man, I get no salary, can you give me tip 1,000,000 Dong ( USD)’ and thinking about it for a split second calculating how to convert Vietnamese Dong VND to USD – the realisation that such an absolutely gorgeous girl like that only asks for USD for what was possibly the best sex, albeit shortest sex session (not her fault she was as tight as a mouses ear), no one would ever hesitate to pay it straight away like it’s nothing.There are also a load of bars near the big square on Ba Cu Street such as Vitamin C and M&K Bar and all of the bars in Vung Tau work the same as every where else.You enter the bar, sit and order a beer or water or soft drink, soak up the atmosphere and have a quick look around and see if any of the ladies tickle your fancy.

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