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If an athlete has to miss a workout, please call one of the coaches as soon as you know.

We schedule gym time and plan workouts based on the amount of athletes that will be attending each session.

I, the undersigned parent of_____________________________________, hereby acknowledge and agree to release and hold Craig Murray, Total Package Basketball, Westsound Youth Basketball Association, all school facilities, all sponsors, employees, and volunteers associated with Total Package Basketball, fully harmless from any injury, claim, legal fees or damage which may occur to my child as a participating member of the Total Package Basketball Program.

Further, I acknowledge that basketball is a contact sport and it involves traveling to, participation in and returning from games or sessions.

Workout sessions offer individual training within a group setting.

Within these groups the coaches motivate and challenge athletes to accomplish their goals.

I fully understand that the sessions signed up for expire at the end of the month and will not carry over to the following month.

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The Total Package Program provides a place for athletes to receive complete basketball instruction.Workout sessions are 1 hours long and consist of drills emphasizing ball handling, footwork, shooting including game-like shooting, one-on-one moves, learning how to create shots for you and your teammates and offensive and defensive techniques.The goal of the workout is to start with the fundamental basics and implement them into game play, situational playing and understanding the game of basketball.We try to work with scheduling the best we can, but due to gym time and the amount of players scheduled, it is only fair that you commit yourself to what you have signed up for.The monthly payments will vary depending on amount of sessions offered for the month.

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