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My name is Sydney Sotelo, and I am very excited to be joining WABA as the new Adult Education Coordinator.

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There are a number of visitor centers along State Route 504, which is just a few miles from the crater - the experience is both educational and awe-inspiring.Washington State is home to both natural and manmade wonders - from volcanoes to the Space Needle, you can see it all in Washington.Visit Olympic National Forest - or maybe the Hoh/Quinault Rain Forests.You can also visit the symbol that represents Seattle - the Space Needle. Carlson on a placement in a coffeehouse in 1962, this amazing structure has an observation deck and revolving restaurant which allows you to gaze at the city from an amazing height of more than 500 feet.More natural beauty can be found just 15 miles east of Bellevue - Snoqualmie Falls.

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