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A permanent order can be issued only after a court hearing in which you and the abuser both have a chance to tell your sides of the story.

It lasts up to one year and may be extended after that.

Although informed consent is a legal concept rather than a medical one, many states use definitions of "informed consent" for purposes of HIV testing and medical procedures that in fact are inconsistent with the accepted legal definition, e.g., they do not require that an individual receive information or sometimes even notification that they are about to be tested for HIV.

The American Medical Association has long defined informed consent as a process of communication between a patient and physician that results in the patient's authorization or agreement to undergo a specific medical intervention.

You can get an emergency order by calling the domestic abuse program nearest you - see our IA Places that Help page, or by calling the Iowa Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-(800)-942-0333.

Temporary orders are similar to emergency orders except that they last a little bit longer.

The only witness was an 86-year-old roommate, Polly Schoneman,who was on the other side of the curtain and who agitatedly told nursing home staff members that she had heard noises that made her uncomfortable. Schoneman testified that she was not certain the noises had been sexual. Rayhons was taken to a hospital and examined for sexual assault.

The so-called rape kit, which the state processed months later, did not identify any signs of injury or proof of intercourse. Rayhons’s bedding matched her husband’s sperm, but a crime lab technician testified that the age of the stains could not be determined. Rayhons testified that he recalled brief instructions to limit “sexual activity” with his wife made during a conference at the nursing home on May 15. Rayhons testified that he considered “sexual activity” to be intercourse.

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