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Then, if your power is wasted too much, the power will cannot be enough for you to use till 6 a.m.The rooms which have CAM 1A and CAM 5 are a bit far from the security room, so you should wait until the toys move to the CAM 4B room, which is nearest to you. To go to the end of the game, players must be brave, stable and good at estimate. With unique, intense, outstanding features, Five nights at freddy’s game received the positive comments from critics and immediately became the Desura’s weekly best seller on August 18th 2014.Use the mouse, click at the specific CAM that you want, so that you can see what is happening in each room.The cameras are always ready for you to use in Fnaf game.

Before the main awards begin, the Last Resort Films Board of Directors has selected one individual to be awarded the second Golden Reel of Achievement, a special award to recognize an individual talent's contribution to the growth, sustainability and success of the studio.Especially, the corridor on the right and on the left of the players, they are the blind spots of the cameras.In Fnaf game, players cannot get out of the security room, but they can close all the doors, windows to protect themselves.You have to pay attention to cameras, especially the CAM 1A and CAM 5, because they record the rooms where the toys are.When you realized that there is something is not as usual, do not panic and shut the door immediately, because it may turn out to be a waste of power.

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