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I would message with "Hi, I'm _____" and follow it up with something about their profile and some questions pertient to their profile.I honestly got less of a response than my "Hey, how are you? Thank god for OKC filtering otherwise my inbox would be full to bursting with 40-year-old men asking me to do the sex.

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You have to provide something for them to respond to other than, "Hey."I flat out said in my profile that if anyone messaged me with subject line: "hey" and message body: "hi" that I wouldn't respond because my head would explode from the awesome conversational skills. I liked to message first if I felt I had something to say. ' Read the person's profile and ask them something about it that seems interesting or something with which you have a shared interest.

Otherwise, I mostly got either "Hi, how are you" messages, copypastas (some unusually long and creepy) and the occasional good message I would reply to.

But I learned quickly that because I present myself as a nerdy girl, most nerd guys would latch onto that and only ask me about my favorite Firefly character and the conversation would fizzle out eventually.

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