Expectations on dating

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Not to mention, I haven’t even known the person long enough to formulate a truthful answer.

Keep in mind, typically, I am asked this on the first date or even when I first get their number.

It is totally understandable to want to believe that finding a relationship will provide you with whatever you’ve been missing, but the truth is that a good relationship will add to – but not complete – your life overall.

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In fact, many relationships end because one or both individuals in a couple didn’t get their expectations met.

He has had extensive training in conducting couples therapy and is the author of Dr.

When I go out on a first date, I rarely have expectations; however, I've noticed that most of the women I date do.

Just because I am looking for something serious doesn’t mean I am automatically looking to get into a relationship with every girl I meet.

When I first meet a girl, I am just genuinely interested in getting to know her.

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