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This Miami socialite’s resume could span several pages, each more extravagant than the next.

Before launching her blog last year, Erin was the lifestyle editor of Haute Living Magazine, a host on the now defunct Plum TV, and, most notably, the fun-loving Miami transplant on VH1’s Secrets of Aspen. This Miami native has served on the boards of numerous charities like the National Young Arts Foundation and the Museum of Contemporary Art, and spends many days styling the who’s who of Miami’s social scene when she’s not acting as a muse to local eyewear legends.

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We sat down with her one Friday afternoon at Alton Road’s newest marketplace, Lyon Fréres Petit Marché, to talk socialite status, blog startups, and her next possible venture into television stardom. So the idea of a socialite is a kind of strange concept to the average person. I was raised in Golden Beach, set new standards in my High School, was a rebel.Below, Racked captured my current existence in society, travel, love, life and beyond.We’d like to think Joan Rivers would have gotten along quite splendidly with Erin Newberg.Dating sites with chat rooms provide a means of company for people who are not ready for realism but seek fantasy. Seek advice from this person on what chat rooms and online dating sites are worth joining. As with anything is life, taking your time to research your options will probably end up saving you time in the long run instead of rushing in and relying on trial and error. When you create an online dating profile or engage in an online chat, it provides a means for you to highlight your good points – which is a good thing.It’s a pretty important decision to take the leap into the cyber land of romance and the best advice you can get is from someone you already know. The whole idea of online dating is that it provides the opportunity to fully assess potential dates before a real life face to face date. But after establishing online contact with someone for a period of time, many online singles neglect to paint the true and complete picture of themselves which can set the scene for a disappointing first date. When you first join the dating site of your choice you will be a little shell shocked at the amount of profiles to choose from. Take down information about people you chat to so you can verify their details at a later date.

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