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Sometimes the error can be dismissed by switching between different streams, but this does not help every time. Probably this is most important, because it's not resolvable by client-side tricks.Special live streams from big events (such as show courts on tennis grand slams) stop and freeze constantly, while E1 and E2 run ok.Again, I mean a schedule with separated channels (such as videos from show courts on tennis tournaments) and time spans (when it starts, when it stops), and not a mosaic mess of splash images.And again, this feature was present in former times. They do actually provide a button to switch it on, but their implementation leaves navigation bar on screen, so videos take only part of the space they could take. I admit that video content is better displayed in landscape orientation, but Eurosport Player is not the only app on your device, and running it in parallel with something other requires you to rotate the device.Maybe they do not know themselves what they want (except for money they want constantly)?The latest version at the time of writing is 6.1.6.It's important that you cannot switch on E1 or E2 in this situation.

Sometimes you can get nothing - a blank screen: You can do nothing with this - just wait when Eurosport stuff awakes and fixes the problem, which is apparently on their servers.

I've been using Eurosport Player for years and can state that this is one of the most buggy and bad designed mobile application I ever seen.

Ok, I must admit it does not crash anymore, what it did in past frequently.

If you find it's funny, please, find many stories from clients of big companies and banks, whose credit card data was stolen and exposed in past years.

;-) In addition to the subscription topic: it's very inconvenient that in-app subscription is only allowed to be monthly: This happens regularly while I'm in the same country, in the same provider network, so their FAQ does hit and miss in this case. Another one, similar but different: This error happens even for 24-hours E1 and E2 channels!

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