Designer file not updating asp net

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When I run into this problem I usually start by deleting the .page and hoping that then opening the page in the visual designer and saving will fix any nascent problems.

Sometimes that works – most times it won’t, but it’s worth a try. Next, if the above fails, right click on the ASPX page in the Solution Explorer and select Convert To Web Application.

In my testing most of the time the more helpful error message will come up eventually.

All of this also applies to full site WAP conversions.

designer file not updating asp net-13

designer file not updating asp net-51

designer file not updating asp net-64

designer file not updating asp net-30

It’d be really nice if the designer/markup editor could throw this or a similar dialog up for you when it can’t create the .designer file, natch – it requires the explicit Convert To Web Application option after you’ve nuked the designer file.BTW, if you get the General Exception Failure dialog you may not be completely screwed either.Close the page in the markup editor or designer, recompile (errors and all) and then try again to Convert to Web Application.This is a nasty problem but also one that is to a degree self-inflicted.If you just use the designer to create new pages it’s unlikely that the WAP codebehind generation will get munged up.

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