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In 2014, People Magazine confirmed him as the sexiest man living.Not much can be said about David Muir’s social life especially his relationship with a woman or love life as it appears to be rather scanty.However, all the rumors were dispelled after Gio Benitez tied the knot with his boyfriend, Tommy Di Dario.David Muir is a multiple Emmy Awards winner journalist from the U S A.

He also serves as a co-anchor of 20/20 on ABC News Magazine.David Muir has won several awards that have put him on top of the world in national and international journalism.He has covered exclusive news stories from different parts of the world.At ABC News, he still retained the position of an anchor for their news program “World News Now.” Muir served in this program with Diane Sawyer before taking it over from her beginning the 1 Well, just like any other public figure who has made it to the top of their career, Muir is not the one to take a back seat when it comes to enjoying the good things money can offer.On the contrary, he has chosen to keep his rich lifestyle, and any would be properties private.

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