Dating zuiko lenses

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Near identical with TG-850 with additional Wi Fi and GPS and also improvement to 50 feet or 15 meters underwater capability. The Olympus OM System (O = Olympus, M = Maitani) was a line of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras, lenses and accessories sold by Olympus between 19 (some accessories were sold until early 2003).Zuiko 12-200mm f/3.5-6.3 • Super Telephoto Zoom Lens (95-400mm)The ratio of Pro to standard lenses being announced, along with the positioning of the E-M1X, tells you that Olympus is aiming squarely at professionals.

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The camera included a full-aperture TTL Cadmium-sulphide (Cd S) exposure meter, and a bayonet lens mount of relatively large diameter.

All the consumer-grade models were discontinued after 1992, since the market for manual-focus SLR cameras had declined greatly.

The consumer line returned in 1997 with the Cosina-sourced OM-2000 model.

By the end of the 1970s it was joined by the semi-automatic OM-2 and consumer-oriented OM-10.

Olympus continued the naming pattern with the 'professional' OM-3 and OM-4, and the consumer-level OM-20, OM-30 and OM-40.

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