Dating your friend

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“Sometimes you don’t feel anything right away, but over time you come to realize it may be more,” says Josh, a 27-year-old public relations specialist.

“You don’t know them as well, and there are still things to discover, which makes an exciting spark.” In these casual friendships, you might even find yourself on his back-burner.

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And the more he likes you, the more he may convince himself it’s better to be in your friendzone than out of your life—and all your so-called “hints” are falling on deaf ears.

Related to that, there’s the whole ‘I don't want to make it weird if it doesn't work out’ thing. If two people that are friends decide to date and it doesn't work out, it always makes things weird.” And Connor has experience in this arena, having formerly dated a female friend.

“We broke up and it totally wrecked our whole friend group,” he says.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t go anywhere.

“Relationships, platonic or otherwise, are initiated out of mutual interest or compatibility, and the draw of attractiveness is certainly a primary factor,” says Ivankovich.

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