Dating want let go

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He wants you next to him and misses the awesome french toast you make for breakfast. Much to his family's surprise, you’re a smart girl who can laugh with his sister, swap recipes with his mom and enjoy a good beer with his dad.

You felt foolish, but he made it clear he likes you, and you both felt something, so why not be official? Let’s put it simply: If you go into a relationship playing games, somebody is bound to lose. Or, maybe, it ends a bit sooner because you realize what drew you to him was the challenge associated with wanting something you couldn't have. Suddenly, this emotional monster comes out; he’s a literal mess. But, he's still the guy who would ignore you in the bar! This guy is tweeting sappy lyrics and posting sad quotes on Instagram while you’re having cocktails with your friends.

You fought for the guy you wanted, and you got him. He wants to be with you and he will do whatever it takes to show it -- love letters, gifts, incessant phone calls… So, do males have a harder time moving on from relationships than females?

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