Dating violence bill sc

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But the National Rifle Association and some Republicans called the measure a political trap intended to portray gun-rights supporters as anti-women.

The House approved the bill, 263-158, sending it to the Senate. Steve Scalise, the second-ranking House Republican, accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi of intentionally allowing the domestic violence law to expire in February despite bipartisan support for extending it.

“The gun control lobby and anti-gun politicians are intentionally politicizing the Violence Against Women Act as a smoke screen to push their gun control agenda,” said NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker, who called the actions of Democratic leaders “appalling.” READ MORE: How should doctors and nurses screen patients for intimate partner violence in the #Me Too era?

The NRA feels so strongly about the gun-control provision that it is evaluating the domestic violence law as a “key vote” that will help determine whether it will back a member a Congress for re-election.

Allows the transfer of a firearm to a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault, an individual protected under an order of protection issued by a court of law, a person with a valid concealed carry permit, a member of the Armed Forces who is on active duty, or an active duty or retired law enforcement officer. Palmer (AL), which ensures that state laws and regulations related to private party transfers are not pre-empted by the bill. The amendment closes the so-called “boyfriend loophole” by barring those convicted of abusing, assaulting or stalking a current or former dating partner from owning a firearm.Supporters said the measure was crucial to protect women in the United States, who die from gun violence at rates far higher than other high-income countries.We conducted a nationwide review of state laws and found common trends, both positive and negative, that directly impact the protection of teens.Please be advised that this information is intended for informational purposes.

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