Dating vintage tablecloths

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We used the covered patio space and backyard area at my parent’s house (hey, remember when we lived down there?? My mom does such a great job with her yard – late May was the perfect time to have an outdoor bridal shower.

My mom dug lots of vintage tablecloths from her attic (all hand-embroidered by family members).

However, if you want to find a place for it in your home, there are many projects that can put old linens to new uses.

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The dividers by the propane tanks were secured with lots and lots of fishing wire – which ended up snapping!!

We all pitched in at and were tying things up/securing things down…but it was a little stressful.

I had another (bigger) handmade rolled bookpage wreath hanging on the window: All of the china we used was from my mom’s grandparents – it was the perfect touch to the whole vintage theme!We were running around trying to dry them in the sun or the dryer inside…it was kind of a mess.We ended up ditching a lot of the linens just because they were actually dripping water.I guess that’s just what happens with outdoor events – there’s always such an unpredictable element! And now that the shower’s done – it’s time to think about doing the finishing touches for the wedding!

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