Dating traditions in different cultures

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There are certain courtship overtures involved in a dating situation.

And there are differences in how men and women, court their dates.

After being together for some time, I downloaded Greek-learning apps on my phone for weeks, practicing greetings and conversational words.

Learning their native tongue was a priority of mine.

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If a woman has an interest in a man, she will have let her interest be known in some way and wait for the man to ask her out.

I've always had a severe case of wanderlust, longing to backpack across Europe, walk the beaches of Santorini or wander down the paths of Venice.

Of course, it's because I have the desire to travel.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, was raised Greek-Orthodox, and his parents are first-generation American.

While my boyfriend is an incredible human on his own, his culture is amazing in its own ways.

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