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"I am an illustrator who has made 3,600 Facebook friends who bought my adult coloring books," Perna said.

"Many of the them bought coloring books for something to do, since they are disabled, homebound or in nursing homes.

"Our raters could look at the tone of a subject's wall post, note the number of friends they have, peruse their photos to see how social they were, and assess their tastes in books and music," Kluemper told NIU Today after conducting the research in 2012.

"We were able to conclude that after a five-minute perusal of a Facebook page, raters were able to answer questions regarding the subject about as reliably as would be expected of a significant other or close friend." When the researchers asked the candidates' current employers to evaluate them six months later, they found the initial Facebook evaluations were a more accurate predictor of success than other tools, such as personality and IQ tests.

Someone was ALWAYS up with their parenting wisdom." Facebook users can share knowledge in areas from parenting advice to practical business solutions.

Join credible groups with knowledgeable people to receive advice through the social site.

"It truly has been a lifesaver – especially when my daughter was an infant," Trizila said. with a sick baby and reached out to FB and would always get a response.Building a strong, professional profile can also be valuable if you're perusing Facebook's job posting feature, which allows you to apply for jobs through the site.Likewise, companies can post open jobs through Facebook for Business to find candidates."To me, though, the key to developing business is making a personal connection.People want to feel like they are human and not just a case number.

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