Dating sites for transexuals

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Which I get, we all want simple answers because its far easier to carry around a thousand simple answers than 10 complex ones. How should we fit trans people into it if we do keep it?

But the fact that this system does exist and is the one that the vast majority of people on the planet are abiding by presents us with some new normative questions which might help us answer the original question. All of this post so far has been to say that the people arguing all of this stuff is clear cut, have already answered these normative questions. Not one that has any objective standing, it’s no different to putting on a set of tinted sun glasses and saying The real difference is that a lot of people who have realised these things are normative in nature and nothing else, have also realised that those blue tinted sunglasses aren’t the only pair to you can put on.

Not sure it fully justifies the tantrum, but ho hum.

This option is the one where we completely remove our system of sexuality right now and come back with an entirely new one.

For example, if I asked you who the best President of the USA was, your answer would most definitely be a normative claim. All of these are questions begging for a normative answer.

Which brings us back to the question we want to answer today, or rather the question people are actually answering when they talk about trans people’s sexuality. For example, should we define sexuality for trans people via the status of their genitals? To answer these questions though, we have to refer to our understanding of sexuality.

The dating scene for transgender women offers a unique set of challenges that cisgender — someone whose gender identity matches their biological sex — women don’t have to deal with.

When I answer the question who is the President of the USA?The third option is the one causing the most ruckus.People just don’t like being told things they thought were objectively true actually aren’t objectively true I guess?Which if you didn’t know already…is a pretty simplistic view, that largely ignores trans people’s existence.It was designed with only binary cis people in mind and ignores oh so very much nuance for the sake of its simplicity.

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