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Secondly, we carry out more profile checks than any other in the World.

"Delbara" offers privacy and security to find a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.

In the unlikely event that they do - we have a 'report' mechanism to filter them out.

We don't believe in lengthy forms asking about your personality, prefs etc. In pairing, you will see friends of yours that are potential matches, and you will be able to tap ' Introduce'.

Empowering relationships are based on mutual respect & enabling. So, we built Pairing - both the blog and the app to help whoever seeks for that achieve that. But we can try to give you some ideas and expand your thoughts.

In order to achieve that we constantly have to work on ourselves. For those looking for a meaningful relationships, we built Pairing app, which is a social network to find the right match.

Join be2 to dive into your chance at love.be2 takes online dating seriously.

be2 has more than 20 million singles across 6 continents, which means your chances of finding a lifelong match are high.This is why, a long lasting relationship has to be first based on strong foundations.Foundations that are intrinsic in both partners, and not such that change over time and circumstances. Continue Reading Thanks to matching algorithms based on your real-life social circles, it's almost impossible for troll accounts to be marked as a potential match.We believe in people talking to their friends, meeting each other and deciding for themselves. By doing so, your friends will become visible to each other as a potential match and will see that you are a mutual friend.That's why we don't ask you a million questions about yourself. It does not necessarily mean you think they match - but you help them be aware of each other and let them decide.

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