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But instead of rushing to the Emergency Room for support and pain medication, she is told to remain where she is and when the bleeding becomes too heavy to just sit on the toilet, not look down and flush.

The FDA has even noted this type of abortion is extremely painful and stretching over days.

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Rather than being a simple drug handed out for a headache remedy, the distribution of RU-486 must handled with strict supervision as conditions like an ectopic pregnancy or an undetermined, later term pregnancy can be fatal, and must be determined by a doctors examination prior to consumption.

Are Californians interested in outfitting campus health centers into surgical abortion facilities with compensated personnel and extensive emergency equipment?We currently serve more than 1,200 Students for Life groups on college, university and some high school campuses in all 50 states, including more than 90 right here in California.Daily, my staff and our student volunteers, advocate against the violence of abortion and for women and children on campus to have real choices.TESTIMONY FOR KRISTAN HAWKINS OPPOSING CALIFORNIA’S SB 24 BEFORE STATE SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE: April 24, 2019, Sacramento, CA I want to thank Members of the Senate Education Committee for inviting me today to address concerns with SB-24, a bill designed to achieve a radical change — transforming the life-affirming purposes of on-campus health centers into abortion vendors by requiring the distribution of the life-ending, RU-486, chemical abortion regime to students.My name is Kristan Hawkins, and I am president of Students for Life of America.

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