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But at Ruger, things continue to change and evolve for the better, so we’re going to take a closer look at the latest stable of offerings for this popular American icon.The Ruger 10/22 lineup has gone through more additions and subtractions since its introduction than a CPA firm during tax season.The “takedown” concept is even at the heart of the Ruger 22 Charger Takedown pistol, which is built on a 10/22 action in a dedicated pistol.RELATED STORY: Gun Review – The Ruger 77/17 Rifle in .17 WSM The secret to making the 10/22 Take-down work is its unique barrel-to-receiver joint that is adjustable for a perfect fit via a knurled, rotating friction knob.Out Of Sight The Takedown offers a trio of sighting options depending on your mission.The basic iron sights are the classic 10/22 front bead and a folding rear notch that is adjustable for elevation and windage.Ruger’s 10/22 Takedown: The Ultimate in Portable Plinking Precision Remove one takedown screw and the 10/22’s receiver and trigger group drop clear of the stock, making it easy to clean and maintain the rifle after a range session.

When I asked the owners about where they purchased these “unusual” Ruger 10/22s, the typical response was that they were special distributor models, available only from “Store X,” “Chain Y” or “Distributor Z.” I just had to find out more.

Although most of these models have been chambered in .22 LR, the period from 1999 through 2006 saw the inclusion of a .22 WMR flavor, which has since been discontinued.

The .22 WMR model featured a machined steel receiver that differed from its tamer .22 LR siblings, all of which have receivers made from cast aluminum alloy blocks.

Going strong for over 50 years, Ruger’s 10/22 has been offered in myriad shapes and sizes, with over 6 million sold since its introduction back in 1964.

I have owned at least a half-dozen 10/22s over the past three decades, including the Sporter, All-Weather Carbine, Target and Takedown models.

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