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Does the happiness make the facial similarity, or vice versa?

One thing's for certain, though: Just because you look similar doesn't mean you'll start to think the same way.

It's not hard to understand why — you like somebody who knows what you're talking about when you moan about your 9-to-5 and college loans — but on a certain level, similarity is also determined in terms of genetics. A study from 2014 shows that white people in particular pick lifetime mates who have similar DNA.

Forget the obsession with band T-shirts or the inability to play Monopoly without screaming; you may not have worked out with your ex simply because they weren't that genetically compatible with you.

This phenomenon, called "unconscious mimicry," has been known for ages, and it's why we unconsciously take on the intonation of our friends' voices, or copy our boyfriend's stance at the bar.

It's meant to bond us and make us feel part of a group, but Zajonc also thought it meant that we mimic a spouse over a long period of time, which would gradually reshape the face.

Zajonc thought it was because a long life together meant shared experiences that left similar lines on faces, and that couples would therefore begin to look more similar.

The blog, which has issues with logic and accuracy, then has one of its seemingly concocted sources say, “Kylie fits the profile of Tyga’s ideal woman, physically.” A sentence later, though, the site’s alleged insider adds that for Tyga it was “more than just what [Jenner] looked like.” To clarify, Tyga’s “ideal” physique resembles Jenner, but it was not just “what she looked like,” so now he’s dated an endless stream of women who could be her twin?Scientific studies already show that genetic similarity seems to correlate with a happy marriage, but whether that's cause or effect is up in the air.Are you happy because you understand each other, or because you share the same gene variant (5-HTTLPR) thought to be the key to being emotionally attuned to a relationship?Either way, Zajonc's ideas are pretty easy to understand; two people who have lived lives of hardship and difficulty will probably wear similar frown lines.Zajonc's theory of emotional face-mirroring was based on a basic principle: We imitate the people we're around the most.

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