Dating hall shame

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Dating Hallof was the brainchild of Heidi Heller Niehart as a way for disgruntled daters to share stories, a laugh, and recover from a date gone awry.

Every now and then they send out fake pictures so incredibly bad that they are minor masterpieces!

You can use your elevator pitch to get beyond your online profile… Picture yourself in a social setting, and you’d like to meet someone of the opposite sex – or, perhaps a player from the same team.

Have you ever been the victim of one of these show-stoppers?

As any veteran Scambaiter will tell you, our arch enemies the scammers, love to try out their photo editing skills in the vain hope of fooling us into thinking the "photographic identity" they have sent us is really them.

As scambaiters, we try to convince the scammers to send trophy pictures, such as the ones in the Trophy Room.

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