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Oh, and going back to my ex [Patrick Kedemos] as well – that wasn't the best move.[Laughs] Who knows?!I heard that in America they have a MAFS spin-off show, so I might consider it! I'm feeling better now, and have realised it's all been a blessing.I realise I was just around a lot of toxic people, the wrong kind of people and the wrong kind of attention.QT is important in a relationship—that means an intentional effort you make to cater to your loved one—and our phones, computers, and TVs have to take a backseat.Carving out a date night every week or two is a something that works for us.As long as there's intention behind it—a plan—I'll swoon.

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Sean is a Words of Affirmation guy, so I tell him how well he's doing in doggy daddy-hood, husbandry, and his business endeavors and leave him Lowe Notes to tell him how much I appreciate him.Once you get burnt, you don't really want to throw yourself back in it.We got together in December and were together for few months.Some guys might be intimidated by the idea of planning a whole evening special enough for you, but don't give up too easily!He wants to do this for you, but he may not know where to start.

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