Dating a fender guitar serial number

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The third letter is the month; June (see chart above.) The first and second numbers (following the 3 letters) are the day; 18th. Made in Japan, 1984-1986: Letter-letter-letter-letter-###.

The third and fourth numbers are the month; 02=February. The first two letters are the year; Q=0 and I=2, so 2002. (See chart at the top of the page.) The first letter is the year; 1985.

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Kaohsiung Factory, Made in Taiwan, 1971-2001: ########.

Ever wonder exactly when your favorite guitar was made?

You sort of remember when you got it, but you want to really know its history, especially if youre not the first owner.

Made in Japan, 2002-: Letter-letter-letter-###-letter, like so: QJM111E.

The last number is an internal code (could be D, R, U, or Y.) Believe it or not, this list does not cover all possible serial numbers. Again, if you’re still having trouble, please contact Yamaha directly as we have posted all the info we have.

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