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I don't mean to paint a horrible picture of married clergy.I'm just reminding people that it's not all quite as happy and wonderful as they seem to think. Catholics say they want married clergy, but do they want to pay for them? As a married man with a family I get by because I earn an extra income through my writing and speaking.8) He can’t serve as a teacher in a parochial school unless he gets the bishop’s permission.

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With a bit of reflection anyone can see that marriage in and of itself does not automatically make a man mature, self-giving and happy.

The main do’s and don’ts that pertain to how the priest is to conduct himself on an ongoing basis are found in sections 4 and 5 of the rescript and can be summarized as follows: 1) He can’t celebrate any of the sacraments except for hearing deathbed confessions.

It is especially noted that he can’t give homilies.

In addition to this, my wife runs her own business.

Not all married priests and their families can do this.

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