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Many girls cannot even manage a date with a half decent guy. As long as you have a general idea about where you want to be in life (relationship-wise), you are doing alright.

If your goal is to have threesomes with incredibly hot guys – hey, that’s fine too! Polyamory is quite popular now-a-days although it is certainly not for everyone and requires precise and tactful communication.

seems like a nice guy, but I’m more interested in exploring the common ground I’ve found with B.

His return message: “I’m sorry, I’m super busy right now.

I grabbed my laptop and coaxed Google into telling me the life stories of these two guys, let’s call them J. I found out that they both went to the same small college in Kentucky.

Even on his own date, he is the perfect wingman for his friend. knows the area well, he even gives me tips on parking at the froyo place where I’m meeting B. We want to publish your story I keep texting with both J. I’m finding interesting things in common with B., and I’m looking forward to meeting him and going on a date. asked me to dinner for Thursday the following week. I have my dinner date planned with J., but I tell B. Affairs columns I wait for him at the restaurant, but we can’t seem to find each other. We’re both at Porto’s Bakery & Cafe, but I’m at the Glendale location.

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