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I mean I'm sure you can understand the potential risks, though with this being a remotely close-knit community I guess there are positives. Don't they have things where you can list your hobbies? Its an interesting idea, although the above reply* (*Also a number of people here are little children) sums it up really for this site.

I'm going to sit in the shadows and watch as other people comment, but I personally would be uninterested in such an aspect. I feel if someone wanted to meet a partner with CPs interest it would be better for themto join a dating type site and put their interest in the profile section I wouldnt call these sites desperate though, mate of mine met his present wife through one and hed had nothing but trouble finding a wife before joining one of the sites.

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That said, I also worry that such a system may lure non-carnivorous plant fanatics to us (with nefarious intentions), and push younger members or those in relationships (or not interested in relationships) away.

I have been thinking about it a little more and I do agree with the above two posts (although I disagree with labelling dating sites as desperate, but that is a different matter entirely).

The risks significantly outweigh any benefits; should someone seek a partner with an interest in carnivorous plants there are better ways than through a forum dedicated to their care - as strange as that may sound, it would seem unsafe to me.

ohhhh if only Is there any UK ladies on here that like CPs???

*Waves arms in the air at being female*I'm not sure how this would go down.. They have other Desperate (imo) websites like eharmony.

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