Dataview not updating

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You should normally have to call a notify event unless you have dependent fields. Saving the record on the screen should save all of your modified values. For example if you are epibinding the character01 field to an epitextbox you shouldn't need to do anything special if this is an existing dataview. Row]["Row Mod"] = "U"; If it not updating might need some more details on exactly how you are working with these fields and what dataview is involved.

You should normally have to call a notify event unless you have dependent fields. Jim Kinneman Encompass Solutions, Inc I should have answered that if you set the row Mod to U you should be able to do all the field updating you want.

I'm using the binding option, but it is not working, I'm using the Time and Expense entry, and have created a copy of the Expense Detail Tab, I have added a couple of fields, that I want them to be added to the total, so the total expense should be expense amount plus tax amount plus number01 and plus number02.

I'm using the after adapter method, in the "update", this is where I'm updating the field, however, if I assign the new values to the view fields, when I try to add a second expense, none of the new values are being populated, ie whenever I choose an expense type, the tax liability gets populated with the one being used by the expense type, but on the second record, this is not being populated...

Set the data view Sort property to the column or columns you want to search. Call the Find or Find Rows method of a data view, passing it the value to look for in the sorted columns.

If you want to find a single record, call the Find method.

So when you reset the Row Filter you apply this change to the Default View as well.

Count 2 Then dv Emp Previous = New Data View dv Emp Previous = ds Emp. Row Filter = "" End If End If You are just changing the name of the variables but every Data View above is still referencing the same Data View (the Default View of the table).

Row Filter = "IDENTIFICATION_CODE = '" & IDENTIFICATION_CODE & "' and EMPLOYEE_DESC = 'Employment2'" Dim dv2 As Data View = dv Emp2 dv Emp2. If you want to have different views with different filters then you need to create a Data View passing the source Data Table Now the dv Emp is no more referencing the Default View of the Data Table and it should maintain the correct Row Filter applied Of course, you should use the filtered Data View to test the number of records present in the Data View after the filter not the Data Table.I have done the rowmod = "U" and I'm using the beginedit and endedit, but still not working.....If I remove the update method, then it works, but I'm in risk that the total sometimes is not being calculated right, also if I refresh the view it works, but doing this, is giving me more trouble....When I click save, the total gets calculated using only the expense amount and tax amount.That is why I need to update the field "manually", however, the total it is showing on the screen but is not updated on the table.

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