Corvette ls2 2016 ecu updating

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You can expect to feel a better throttle response, enjoy better fuel economy and see increased horsepower and torque numbers on the dyno.

Shop manufacturers like Billy Boat Exhaust, Akrapovic, LG Motorsports and more.

If you like the power that your Corvette puts out but would like it to run a little more efficiently and in-tuned to the way you drive, we offer plenty of C7 Corvette performance upgrades to help you achieve those goals.

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For those of you using the 94 and later LT1 engines with the flashable PCMs, you will only require software from Tuner Cat or LT1edit as well as an interface cable.CAGS will automatically skip from first gear to fourth gear depending on your driving characteristics.This is for the sole purpose of saving on fuel and putting less stress on your engine whenever possible. You don’t buy a Corvette to get your kids back and forth to soccer practice safely while helping the world’s fuel supply.Instead, you purchase and drive a Corvette to burn fuel, burn rubber and look awesome while you’re doing it.

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