Colt 1911 serial number dating radio classic fm dating

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That is why the lookup result is not always good enough for your need.Certain vintage guns have overlapping serial numbers between models which make the searching even more confusing in some cases Colt offers a unique research service to their customers, it provides you with the brand official archive letter as proof of your gun history.of Quebec (just a VERY FEW) Seven (7) manufacturers were tooling up to produce M1911 pistols but the Armistice stopped it all and program was cancelled: * National Cash Register Co. The same is true if the slide is marked Drake - the company that built National Match slides for the government. First, if you encounter an M1911A1 - identified by the finger cutouts and/or the M1911A1 markings on the frame - and it has a slide made by Remington-UMC, Springfield or Savage, you know the slide is not original to the gun since the first two manufacturers only made M1911 pistols during WWI, and the latter only made M1911 slides.Some are pretty easy to figure out since they are the abbreviation of the weapon name.

It might be any of the following (and there may have been others not shown): AAA - Anniston Army Depot AA - Augusta Arsenal OG - Ogden Arsenal MR - Mt.On the letter are details of the firearm original specifications and features plus the delivery address as well.As a whole, the archive letter contains important historical facts about your gun which considerably enhances its collectible value.Since it’s quite a costly method, the archive letter is often used to tie a particular firearm to a well-known individual in the past.This is still the best method when it comes to reliability though.

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