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I was almost on the hook again when I found this page and to my horror and relief realised I wasnt the only silly woman in the World. But, I recently found out from my phone service that the phones where being used in Nigeria, they took the sim cards out and put in sim cards that have a Nigerian phone service. Working for BP in the Gulf if Mexico and can’t receive it . I know now he is a fraud but I am going to let it play out until the end of the month when he is supposed to be home and see what excuses he has.

You'd think they could come up with a different script by now but thank goodness they havent. All phones have an IM number that can be tracked no mater if you switch the sim cards or not. I won't be stupid enough to fall for it twice. Quick romance and surety that I'm the one for him.

If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common.

And he was so Godly too, always quoting the Bible in earnest. He was desperate for me to send him 2 Mac Book pros and an i Pad to run the software for the gem mining equipment. I got the we had a fire story too which pushed back his coming home for 2 weeks.

He said he was studying for something or other to get promotion at work. I made him send me a picture saying that he loved me. He says that he’s from Denmark, lived in Canada where he was married to an American woman, now divorced. Then he needed money for medicine to be flown out to the rig.

After a week, he contacted me using my other email, he found my Facebook which I never gave.he knew my real name.. He hasn’t asked for any money yet, but he laid the same sad story about his ex cheating on him, along with his life in Portugal before coming to the states when his Dad died.

He tries calling me on hangouts but never answer his, he blackmail me if I don't answer his call his gonna message my friends on Facebook with my video.. He says that he is in the Army and stationed in Afghanstan.

I have recently lost my husband and feeling very lonely when i got a Hello in IG and we were off! asked for Steam cards, google play & i Tunes cards.

I said no but couldnt bear the thought of losing my gorgeous Texan hunk so decided after a couple of days that I would get them but, I googled Itunes scams and it was like a script had been written. Yes I was scammed, he claims to be an Exxon contractor working on a oil rig, professes love and marriage in less than a week, but needs i Tunes cards to complete his paperwork, 0.00 , then comes back a week later with I need 0.00 more I ask for pictures of the oil rig he’s working on and low and behold they are the exact pictures from the internet, now it gets better his security company is closing and he wants me to be his beneficiary and accept a 1.6 million dollar paperwork and to hold it safely like the bank, so I ran for the hills not going to accept anything nor am I going to go to jail for this enormous lie, please be carful these people are so slick I think I am talking to the same person, he has been talking to me since September of 2017, confesses his love for me and wants to marry me and is coming home to me. Wants me to be his beneficiary to accept his money of 1.2 million but it’s being helped in Germany at the airport. He has not enough money to get back the equipment and want to lend money from me. I just reverse imaged his photos he sent me and came up with 9 other aliases.

I told him in no uncertain words to clear off and blocked him on IG and FB but this morning he managed to contact me by messenger and it all started again. Mine asked me to send Google Play cards to his daughter. I have sent ta an address for his kids he says phones, ipads and money. But if I send a large amount of money they will release the money to be forwarded to me. When confronted with this he claimed his account was hacked and I didn't trust him.

apparently he'd worked with his company for 25 years and was 53, so I did swiftly think that was a little odd that he hadnt already been promoted lol!! He did send photos about the project and he went around at Turkey. He couldn't get it bc his wallet was lost in the fire.

Then a few days ago he asked me to buy him some Itunes cards because he needed books to study and couldnt get any money from anywhere. Suddenly, sent an email to tell me his has big problem because this equipments are seized by ministry of Turkey. Dealing with a man who claims a veteranarian and was in Turkey to treat sick animals. Suddenly, email claims his equipment kept on ship and he doesn't have money to get it back. He asked for 3000 and I was stupid enough to send 200.

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