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Also, to that same point, if people want to shout "SCREW THIS WHIZ SUCKS" then that's their right. If we are watching a game in chat together I don't want to hear every single bad play how that is how we are and always will be.It's a post game thread, that's what it is for, along with discussion. If you don't enjoy reading that or the Chatfrog stuff, then maybe you should stay away from it. I damn sure don't want to hear the negativity on our good plays about how shortlived they will be!

I was hoping it would enhance my Titans viewing experience with some camaraderie but if the camaraderie is going to consist of talking about everything negative that we have done the entire game then I'll go somewhere else. Hell yes I want to win, but lets talk about the positives and not the negatives.

We have some people here that put some quality time into their breakdowns. I haven't been in the live chat or game threads cause my stream is like a full 30 seconds behind, but honestly is there any other place that doesn't have that kind of reaction to games.

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I've really forgiven people in my life and forgiven myself.

"This is the truest thing anyone can do," says Pat Lee, quoted in the story "Library helps memoirists tell their story" (Alex Parker, Chicago Tribune 10-16-09) I wanted it to sound natural, he said.

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