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And the second that they ask you for money, that’s your red flag that you’re most likely dealing with a scammer.” In some cases, the CAFC says, suspects can even try to get a victim to unwittingly commit fraud on their behalf by accepting and then transferring goods or funds, thus turning them into a “money mule.” Gunson’s chief advice for online daters is to “trust your gut” and never send money to someone you don’t know in person.“With romance scams, there’s a huge emotional impact,” she cautioned.oil company.” About a month in, the man began asking Boyer for money.At first it was just small and infrequent requests: for food, 0 for something else. The requests, however, kept coming, and the dollar amounts kept rising.

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That’s up from 2017, when 750 victims reported losing a total of .6 million.There is also no publicly available data on where such scams originate from.“The only way to stop these scammers is through prevention,” Gunson said.(and) they suggest they need money from you.” ‘A HUGE EMOTIONAL IMPACT’ That .5-million figure represents the losses of just 760 victims in 2018, meaning that on average, victims were out nearly a staggering ,000 each.“We know that there are many more victims that have sent money but have not reported it,” Gunson said.

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