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You’ll see everything from couples just hanging out and watching TV to cooking dinner and getting dressed.Of course, you might get lucky and catch a couple fucking.So, as you can see, the potential for an expensive voyeur cam experience is high.

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Scenes are recorded and uploaded to be enjoyed after the show has ended so non-subscribers can watch.They must also be fitted with pretty strong microphones because I was able to hear everything clearly.I saw one couple watching an episode of Game of Thrones and I honestly felt like I was in the room watching it with them. You have a list of all the apartments you can check out on the left, the webcam display in the middle, and the list of rooms on the right.From making breakfast to having sex, this is real life 24/7.You can spy on all the apartments for free, but the rooms with nudity and sex (like the bathroom and the bedroom) are locked and require a paid membership.

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