Brief encounters dating

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Soon, members of the European aristocracy, and eventually the general public, began using personal newspaper ads to solicit companionship, a trend that was soon exported to North America by the late 19th century and would remain a dating mainstay for many decades to follow.

The advent of computer technology in the 1960’s led to more discreet options for those seeking extramarital affairs.

Encounters are just contemporary verbiage for affair dating.

For a more comprehensive understanding of this concept it's important to first understand some adultery/infidelity history.

According to this article, a team of Harvard University researchers created the first computerized dating service in 1965.

Since the dawn of human kind, people have used any number of methods in their search for a romantic connection.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads...we don't forget.Could be romantic or not, with the opposite sex or not, for an hour or an entire summer. His hair was long, straight and dark and he was cute. Throughout history, those looking for more discreet liaisons used whatever communications tools were available at that time.The concept of courtship - mainly for finding a spouse - goes back to the middle ages, even though institutions for arranged marriages date back thousands of years and across many cultures.

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