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In Brazil, it felt like there was a clear line drawn in the sand separating prostitutes from normal girls. Since I’ll be traveling there soon.” We’d have organic conversation for a bit and I’d move it to Instagram from there. I even just followed a lot of girls I had never spoken to before off of Instagram, finding them by searching popular hashtags and locations, and they’d usually followback, something that American girls are much less likely to do. Lots of people and families walking around and cops sitting in their cars parked at the hotels watching everything.

Most of the Brazilian girls were so friendly and affectionate that I felt an obligation to be kind and sweet and just be a good guy to them. The main danger in the popular areas is pickpocketing and having your bag stolen if you leave it unattended.

And yes, mind-blowing is definitely the right word for an American man experiencing South America for the first time. It rejuvenated my focus to keep plugging away at online income until I’m free to travel at length and truly submerge myself in another culture instead of just a one-week teaser trip.

It felt so simple and organic to capture and hold the attention and affection of a Brazilian girl compared to an American girl.

Brazilian women are known for being flakey and plans are always tentative.

Fortunately, dating in America has more than braced me for this.

He recently took his first trip abroad and agreed to sit down and answer some of my questions about his time in…Brazil.

I think we all have that faraway land we idealize in our own head for some time until we finally make a point to see it for ourselves. So fair warning, I probably had rose-colored glasses on for parts of the trip.

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