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Territories established and maintained by males using a combination of song and aggressive displays. Social and ecological factors affecting paternity allocation in American robins with overlapping broods. Similarly, in Kentucky little territorial behavior was observed, and playbacks and decoys did not increase mist netting of male robins (ENV). Extra-pair paternity was lower in second broods when the interval between clutches was shorter, indicating that female robins may prefer to remate with males that are good parents and able to take sole responsibility for the first brood, thus allowing her to dedicate her resources to the next brood ( Rowe, Karen M. Roosting flock sizes are known to be much greater (see Behavior: Self-Maintenance).

During male territorial establishment, testicular weight increases rapidly though no developing sperm occur; females experience little increase in gonadal weight and maintain winter sociality of flocking behavior (). Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 61 (8):1283-1291. No indication of interspecific territoriality during the breeding season. Winter territoriality occurs primarily in the form of fruit defense () compared the foraging behavior of robins defending English hawthorn bushes with that of conspecifics intruding on defended territories. Social and ecological factors affecting paternity allocation in American robins with overlapping broods. The “loose” flock structure of robins (i.e., high spacing among individuals and individual movement to and from foraging sites) improves their efficiency as seed dispersers, as seeds are “scattered” widely among postforaging sites (]), robins did not discriminate between the nestmate and its conspecific.

In Kentucky, robins nesting near man-made structures (buildings, playgrounds etc.) gave fewer alarm calls than those far from such structures, indicating that they may habituate to human presence (ENV).

Stage of the nesting cycle influences intensity of nest defense only weakly (); in female robins responding to humans at nests, Alarm-Call rate, approach distance, and number of dives and strikes did not change significantly with time since initiation of incubation.

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Subscribe Now Running is well developed; on the ground, usually makes a short, straight run with rapid steps, pausing frequently to scan for prey and/or predators. Bill-wiping occurs from base to tip, usually on a branch while perching (RS). The consensus appears to be that robin roosts are attended by all birds during the winter months, by adult males during the breeding season, by adult females once nesting is completed, and by offspring of both sexes as soon as they can negotiate the trip to the roost. You are currently viewing one of the free species accounts available in our complimentary tour of Birds of North America. In this courtesy review, you can access all the life history articles and the multimedia galleries associated with this species. Preening movements such as scratching, reaching, head-rubbing, and feather-fluffing and -shaking are common and similar to those of other passerines. Born April 9, 1953, Paddock lived on Babbling Brook Court in Mesquite, about 80 miles outside of Las Vegas, according to Early Monday, authorities began executing a search warrant at his home.

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