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Im a paraplegic so i have a strong upper body, if I could just get out of this chair my life could change. im wondering if anyone has any experience with this? I have weak hip flexors, one both sides, but one side really weak. I have not strong theigh muscles, glutes are good now, but not at the beginning. got a trike, and that really helped me get some calves and theigh muscles. I use crutches for short distances with the help of AFO's and one knee brace (otherwise my knee locks out).I think that is why I can walk pretty well now, because I remember not having them, and not staying up long. it will take some practice, I had crutches on the back of my chair and braces on for a couple of years before I was able to gain enough strength to retire my chair to cat bed. I choose to use the chair for most daily stuff b/c the crutches are so hard on my upper body, and take A LOT of energy that I could be saving by using my chair.

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I‘m told I have good upper body strength but I think that comes from being 6’ 1” tall but only weighing 132 pounds and pushing myself around in a chair for so long.

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Good luck, Mandy I'd also add that I use a walker most of the time instead of crutches.

I can carry stuff in my walker and it provides more stability. If you have it in your mind to use them like I did , then get a set.

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