Biblical purpose of dating patti reilly dating

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James urges us to confess our sins to one another and to pray for one another.

Relationships specifically function as spiritual aids for me.

Our relationships are constantly driving other people to, and/or reminding ourselves of Jesus.

1 John spells it out in perhaps the most blatant terms.

Relationships are not all about us, they are about the gospel.

When I am selfish, and self-absorbed in my relationship I am directing people away from the gospel, not the least of whom is probably my partner.

Understanding some of the purposes behind human relationships will go a long way in shaping our expectations.

So what are some of the purposes of human relationships?

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If the person you are dating does not help you love and serve Jesus better than this is not a good relationship!

Relationships also exist to help us fulfill the mission of God.

Our growth in godliness is evidence of that, as is our pointing others to the gospel.

Colossians tells us that relationships are a means by which I am taught God’s Word, corrected and challenged, encouraged and motivated.

Healthy Christian friends challenge and encourage my own personal spiritual development.

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